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[Smarties' Power English 第284期]

Comic:Zhuge  Liang
【明報專訊】The Smarties see someone suspicious. Who is he? “ Bill: Hey! ... 詳情
Story:The bully and the buddy
【明報專訊】A chubby primary-six kid, David wasn't very sociable, meaning th... 詳情
【明報專訊】1. False 2. False 3. True [Smarties' Power English 第284... 詳情
Horizon:Where do Heads of Government live?
【明報專訊】An official residence is where the head of government lives. Som... 詳情
Readers' corner:Write to us!
【明報專訊】If you have written anything good like a story, poem, or joke, o... 詳情

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