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【明報專訊】The Smarties see someone suspicious. Who is he?

“ Bill: Hey! What're you doing here? ”

“ Kong Ming : I'm just trying to release my sky lantern into the sky. ”

“ Pat: What? I think this is illegal. ”

“ Kong Ming : How come? It can't be! ”

“ Dr Panda: She's right. If your lantern leads to a fire, you will be held legally responsible. ”

“ Pat: You may even be put in jail. ”

“ Kong Ming : Oh no! ”

“ MoMo: Watch out! ”

■Know more

Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮, 181-234), also known as Kong Ming (孔明), is one of the most famous people in ancient China. His parents died when he was small. He farmed during the day and studied at night. Since he was gifted, he became an expert in astronomy, geography and military strategy.

He was a great politician and strategist during the end of the Han dynasty. He was Liu Bei's (劉備) chief adviser and the prime minister of Shu-Han dynasty (蜀漢). As a loyal official, he helped Liu Bei through many difficult situations.

Legend has it that Zhuge Liang invented a lot of things. Among them is the Kongming Lantern (孔明燈), which is an earlier version of the hot air balloon. In one battle, Zhuge Liang was trapped in a city. He attached messages to paper lanterns which could soar into the air. Some soldiers received the messages and went to rescue him.

■English highway﹕''As ...,''

''As ...,'' appears at the beginning of a sentence. It is usually followed by a noun or a noun phrase. It describes somebody or something that comes next. It means ''in the role of''. It can be replaced by ''being''.

e.g. As a student, you ought to be attentive in class.


suspicious (adj) 可疑的

illegal (adj) 違法的

gifted (adj) 天資聰穎的

strategy (n) 策略

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