Story:The bully and the buddy

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【明報專訊】A chubby primary-six kid, David wasn't very sociable, meaning that he wasn't good at talking with people and that made him feel lonely. What is more, he passed exams with flying colours, a strength that hardly won lazy students' admiration.

He had very few close friends. When it came to meeting strangers, especially those who looked unfriendly, he panicked and couldn't resist bullying. He was always beaten up by his classmates, who ganged up on him. David hated ganging together. He didn't think it's a good way to know people.

A bunch of kids very much admired Dave, a boy who was fashion-conscious and had a trendy haircut. The boys followed Dave's haircut one after another and their hair all looked like Dave's just a few days later. But David despised Dave. He thought that Dave was so superficial and might be the leader of the bad kids.

One day, when he saw Dave pass by, he murmured, ''Hey ringleader!'' Dave pretended that he had heard nothing.

Then the bad kids came. ''A team of tagalongs!'' David thought they were just following the dictates of fashion. But the bunch of tagalongs heard what David had said. ''David, why didn't you follow us?'' They picked on David and hit him on the face.

David jutted his chin out and refused to succumb to their black deeds. But such noble resistance was of course in vain. He was jostled and pushed to the ground. At the time he felt dizzy and thought he was about to pass out, a dim shape appeared.

It was Dave! ''Stop! Or I'll call Miss Chan!'' He shouted loudly. He fended off the attacks from the bullies for David.

The bullies, seeing that their idol had gone to such great lengths to protect the chubby boy, decided to stop their assault.

Making sure that the bullies would not come back, Dave said, ''It's safe now, David.''

''There's something I want to say sorry for. I misjudged you. I thought that you were one of them.''

''It doesn't matter now. I know we could be friends.'' Dave extended his hand and picked David up.

■Gear up

Refer to the story and circle the correct answer.

1. David and Dave are always best friends. ( True / False )

2. Dave is the leader of the bunch of bad kids. ( True / False )

3. Dave knew how to dress well. ( True / False )

(Answers on next text)

■Food for thought

Things happen if you don't jump on the bandwagon. But as soon as you believe in true friendship and good intention, you'll meet true best friends.

Text: Vincent Ho


pick on (phr v) 欺負

succumb to (phr v) 屈服

in vain (idiom) 徒勞無功

bandwagon (n) 潮流

[Smarties' Power English 第284期]

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